Watch 2012 Olympics Online from abroad

This article was actually meant for Danish viewers, but it does show you how you can use Hide My Ass to watch BBC from everywhere in the world so that you can watch the olympics, so try to read thorugh it and you will get the concept.

It’s time for the Olympics, which is only every four years, so I guess there are many sports exercise as looking forward to this event. I will try to come up with a list of how you see it gone and how you can benefit from the program Hide My Ass, for example. to see it in England.

Online in Denmark

In Denmark it is of course the 2 major national TV stations who have had rights to the Olympics, namely TV2 and DR. Both have actually online channels where you can watch their channels live while you sit at your computer.

DR Live channel:

Tv2 Live channel:

So if you are out in Denmark and want to see it on your computer are the 2 above is certainly a good option.

Danish channels from abroad

If you are on holiday abroad, so if you try to access both TV2 and DR PLAY NOW so you will soon find out it can not be done, and you have to cheat a little to see this. Using the Hide My Ass, we can easily get around this, and it costs only $ 11.52 a month, and you need only to sign up for 1 month at a time.

Find the program here:

So you have to do is follow the site right over here, and so should you sign up for their service and do not worry it is an English company with a good reputation, so you need not be afraid to give your credit card Detail. To learn more about the program before you start so try to see my review here:

Once you’ve signed up, you get a link to where you can download the program once you download it, it just installs like all other programs. Then you open it and then simply connect you to a server in Denmark. Now you can easily go back to either the DR or TV2 Play and then they can not see you are abroad and you can now watch the Olympics on these channels.

Watch the Olympics on the BBC

The BBC is another great alternative to watch the Olympics, because they send a lot from the Olympics and I could imagine that it is actually those who are to record the official part of the Olympics. Using Hide My Ass, you can also easily see the BBC, because you just do like the above but instead of connecting to Denmark, simply connect to a server in England

You can find the BBC Live channels here:

If you want to watch the olympics from other countries then try to look at this list:

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